Best slide mounted optic for Carry and Competition.

best slide mounted red dot optic for any carry or competition gun.

If you’re in the market for the best optic for your concealed carry or competition pistol, look no farther than the Leupold Delta Point Pro Reflex Dot Sight ( 2.5 MOA Dot)

With close to a dozen quality red dots on the market today, Leupold stands out for having quick and easy battery changes, clear glass quality, a reputation for being extremely durable, along with great customer service.

It was the most used optic this year at the USPSA Carry Optic Nationals and for good reason. Not every red dot is strong enough to hold up to the pounding of constant slide movement and I don’t recall seeing any Deltapoint Pro’s fail at nationals.

If you have any questions about this sight or competition in general feel free to leave a comment.

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