Keep your belt up.

Ever had so much shooting gear on your outer belt that it wouldn’t stay attached to the inner belt? Well here’s the solution for you. Velcro!!! That’s right, the same stuff that holds the two belts together. All you need is some extra Velcro and a little time. Let’s get started.

First thing you need is a inner/outer competition belt that is overfull and needs some help. This could be a Blade Tech, CR Speed, Double Alpha or any other brand. Next buy this

Or something like it online, at your local hardware store or fabric store. I like the 2″ rolls for extra coverage.

Once you have your Velcro, apply to the inside of the problem areas, mainly holster or mag pouches. Be sure to clean the area before applying Velcro, then let it sit overnight if possible. This allows the adhesive to set and produces a much stronger backer.

This method keeps everything where it’s supposed to be and allows you to focus on shooting.