Armalite 3 Man 3 Gun Championship

Held in Topton PA, the Armalite 3 Man 3 Gun Championship attracted almost every top 3 gun shooter in the United States with over 100 3 man teams competing for the top spot. I had the opportunity to compete with Todd Jarrett and Brian Nelson as my teammates in this challenging yet incredibly fun team match.

The 8 stages were a mix of relay style shooting and massive group stages. The match used one day format that was tough on the shooters towards the end of the day, but rewarding because of how quickly you could get in and out.

FullSizeRender 3


Weather was a cool 90 Degrees and 95% Humidity which you’d think coming from 115F in Arizona would be easy, but no! at about 10AM everyone was drenched in sweat, but the tress, cloud cover and breeze made it bearable.



All Shot gun group stage
Pistol Shotgun Rifle relay stage


Relaxing between stages







Huge thank you to Taran Tactical Innovations for setting up the team and making it possible for us to compete in the match.  I used a TTI Glock 34 pistol,  24″ TTI Benelli M2 Shotgun and a 16″ TTI TR-1 Ultimate rifle. All my pistol ammo was reloaded 9mm with 124gr Berry’s Bullets while my rifle was ASYM Ammo 55gr Range Training ammunition.



We started off a few seconds back because of a foot fault penalty but took the lead on the second stage of the day, we maintained the lead until the last stage where a tactical mistake cost us dearly. After the dust settled, Team Taran Tactical won 3 of the 8 stages and placed 4th over all.

       Team Taran Tactical Innovations, Nils Jonasson, Todd Jarrett and Brian Nelson.         Photo credit Paul Begovich.

Look for Video on my YouTube soon.