What is the best rifle scope for 3 gun?

Best rifle scope I’ve found for 3 gun.

What is the best rifle scope for 3 Gun?

All I can tell you is what has worked for me over the years and what I believe delivers the best performance in the most common situations you’ll find in 3 gun competition.

I have used the Trijicon Accupoint series scopes for years. I started with the Accupoint TR-21, a 1.25-4 power scope, for the first few years. I even managed to win the USPSA MultiGun Nationals using that scope.

I later upgraded to the new model Accupoint 1-4 power TR24 which is probably the best bang for the buck for a close to mid-range rifle scope.

“What makes the Accupoint so good?”

That’s easy, the answer is speed.  Close up is where this scope really shines.  In most matches, targets are relatively close with shots ranging from pointblank to 50 yards.  This scope has some of the best eye relief on the market, is very clear, and the triangle reticle gives you a large glob-like mass directing your focus to its tip. This allows you to blaze through close paper like nothing else.

It also gives you a fine aiming point for long distance shooting. Most matches have only a few 100-300 yard shots. With the right zero this scope is perfectly capable of making hits on long distance shots as well.  I’ve found that a 30-300 yard zero works best for me. It eliminates holdover on most long range targets. The only downside to running this type of zero is remembering to hold under targets between 30 and 300.

Trijicon’s newest version allows for more confident long range by increasing the power range to 1-6. The Accupoint TR25 is a little more expensive than its predecessor but does offer some nice advantages.  Mainly by taking some of the guesswork out of shots passed 300 yards with the additional magnification.

Yes I’m a little biased toward the Trijicon Accupiont because it’s what I originally started with, but some great shooters, including Taran Butler, have used them and dominated the 3 gun world for years.


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